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  • LETS YOU ADD INTRICATE DETAILS - Very small and ultra precise detail brush, belonging to the family of The Army Painter miniature paint brushes, designed for perfect lining or miniscule detail such as eyes and thin lines
  • EXCELLENT FINE-POINT BRISTLES - With bristles made from the purest sable hairs that hold paint excellently and are valued for their softness, flexibility, fine point and perfect spring when you’re painting
  • PROUDLY HANDMADE IN EUROPE - Meticulously designed and crafted from premium quality materials, this miniature model brush is made for nano-precision
  • ERGONOMIC TRIANGULAR HANDLE - Features a sleek triangular handle that allows a more relaxed grip, prevents slips and enhances accuracy with details
  • DOUBLE CRIMPED NICKEL FERRULE - With strong, rust-resistant nickel ferrule that prevents corroding and rotting; Its double-wall design provides a solid attachment so its structure stays together even with regular use

Wargamer : Insane Detail BR7004


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