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Number of Players: 3-7
Playing Time: 10 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 10+


A group of heroes battle to the last — can you survive?


The Last Brave comes with two rule sets, one that's a team game with a focus on hidden identities and the other that's a battle royale with more focus on combat. In both games, the core rules are largely the same: You are a champion who must fight for your nation and defeat all of your opponents. Each champion has three attributes: a class, an element, and a type of arms, all imbued with incredible power. When one champion is attacked by another, the damage they take exposes the nature of their attributes, revealing the weakened champion's true form to the other players. However, once these attributes have been revealed, the champion who wields them can start to benefit from their abilities.


In order to win, you have to reveal the right card at the right time while not giving your opponents the opportunity to do the same. In the team match you also have to figure out who your allies are before the other teams do. Be the last one standing — or the only team still in the game — to win.

The Last Brave


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