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Town of Salem is a popular online game that got its start on Kickstarter and now we are bringing murder to your tabletop.

Here is how it works.
Each player is dealt a card, face down by the moderator.
This card tells the player their role.
Evil roles are able to kill at night.
And the Good roles must find and lynch the Evil-doers.

During the day, players accuse each other. The player with the most accusations is put on trial to try to prove their innocence. If you can't convince the town, you are lynched at the gallows.

The game ends when one side remains.

You can also change the roles you play with to make the game more challenging and more fun.

The game is really easy to play and kid friendly but hard to master.

With 25 unique roles, every game is a new experience.

You have to decide who to trust and who to lynch in order to survive.

More about phases:
The Day Phase is split up into 4 smaller phases. The Discussion Phase, the Voting Phase, the Defense Phase, and the Judgement Phase.

Discussion: Discussion time can be timed or not, depends more on the party(House Rules, 10 minutes is a good starting time, with 30 seconds less for each player eliminated). After discussion ends, or once you have decided you would like to vote as a group voting phase starts.

Voting: Voting time can be timed or not, and you vote on whoever you think is bad(Many ways to do this, again house rules, you can write a note to the mod, raise hands, or thumbs up or down. You can do it in 321 fashion, or just ask if everyone is done voting.) The player, or players voted up now stand trial, and must defend themselves to the Town.

Defense: Defense time may be timed or not, but a standard time of 2 minutes seems to be enough. No one may talk while the player is defending himself, and once he is finished with his defense judgement starts without more discussion.

Judgement: the Judgment phase may or may not be timed. The players not standing trial vote whether the player standing trial is guilty, or innocent(If you are using the vote two players up variant, then one is chosen to be lynched). If a player is voted guilty, that player is lynched, they reveal their role, and the next night begins

The night phase starts with the Moderator telling players to go to sleep(close their eyes). The Moderator will then call upon every role with a night action to perform said action. The first night has some special conditions such as the Moderator must tell the Executioner his target if he is game, and every role that can be found Evil(that is known) must be called before the Sheriff. The night phase ends when all actions are taken, and the Day begins again.

Town of Salem


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