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This is a SPONSORED BOOSTER BOX OPENING for our YouTube Channel!!


Your box will be OPENED on camera and you will receive a special thank you message from Dave during the video.


Everything opened from the box will be shipped to you free of charge anywhere in Canada.


This is a PREORDER item, Time Spiral Remastered Releases on MARCH 19, 2021




Time Spiral Remastered will feature reprints from iconic sets Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight. Like Time Spiral, each pack will contain one Timeshifted card.

Each Box contains: 

  • 36 Packs
  • 16 Cards per Pack
  • 1 Retro Magic Frame Card in every Pack 
  • Includes FOIL Lotus Bloom Promo

*** SPONSORED*** Time Spiral Remastered BST Box + Lotus Bloom Promo PREORDER

Out of Stock

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