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Bicycle is highly recommended for all card work, especially tricks with ordinary playing cards and also card manipulations. These are professional quality cards with Bicycle design backs. Poker size.

The reason many magicians prefer Bicycle decks to store-brand decks is because they match the many trick decks that are made with Bicycle backs.

Deck of cards only - no routines or instructions are included.


Manufacturer Says:

Bicycle playing cards are #1 for fun with family and friends! America's favorite playing cards since 1885; Bicycle has an exclusive air-cushioned finish that gives the cards their unique slip, snap, and long-lasting wear that more card players demand. Bicycle playing cards are recognized everywhere for their distinctive 'rider-back' card design, Lady Liberty Ace of Spades, and bicycle-riding King on the joker cards.


Playing Cards - Bicycle Standard (black)


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