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Klondike Kat, Savoie-Faire Vinyl SODA Figure in Collector Can (International Edition)

Your fridge shall never go empty again now that Funko have announced their exciting new SODA series! Well, technically these cans don’t actually contain any actual Soda, however what they do have is something even better... Vinyl Figures!

Each Vinyl SODA Can not only boasts artwork of a specific character, but also contains its very own Limited Edition 4.25” vinyl figure and collectible disc. How can this deal get any sweeter? Well they each come with the chance of a Chase Variant!

Here we have Klondike Kat Savoie-Faire who comes with the chance of a different coloured Chase Variant.

So while they may not contain any refreshing soda, you’ll still feel just as satisfied knowing you’ve got Funko’s new SODA series as part of your collection.

Limited to 3500 pieces worldwide.

Funko Soda - Klondike Kat - Savoie-Faire (international edition)

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