• SUPER REALISTIC LOOK AND PROVEN VERSATILITY – All The Army Painter miniature terrain and diorama supplies have a realistic look and can be combined for great effects. Use these rocks made of natural cork to start basing your warhammer 40k terrain, for SciFi basing, fantasy basing or any warhammer scenery
  • MINIATURE SCENERY AT ITS BEST – Use Battlefield Rocks for smaller stones, giving a perfect texture on especially larger bases - to break the even look of your wargaming terrain. If you wish, the rocks can be painted any color to resemble any climate or setting
  • HOW TO USE IT – Add glue onto the base of the finished model and stick the rocks. Then carefully dip the base in the pot of the battleground you prefer. The rocks glue easily and look great. When dry, add any static grass, snow flock, grass tufts or other basing material for maximum effect
  • USEFUL AND FUNCTIONAL PACKAGE – The Army Painter Battlefield Rocks model basing comes in a 150 ml plastic box which makes it easy to apply without scattering the material all over your work area
  • WHAT FOR? – Ideal for all 15mm and 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway sceneries, and any wargame terrain. Perfect for larger bases as well

Battlefield Rocks - The Army Painter