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The beloved co-operative game is back, and now with support for 6 players!

This expansion adds in support for an additional player, two new heroes, and new ways to spice up your 5 minute games. Each boss now has their own custom deck giving each dungeon it's own personality. 

Encounters will never get boring with the introduction of Curse cards. These cards change the game in strange ways, and once encountered, you're stuck with them for the whole dungeon! 

The heroes have discovered six powerful Artifacts which also provide game changing effects. These cards are shared by your party, but be careful because you can only use them once per dungeon. 

But wait! There's even more variability added with new action cards for each hero.

What are you waiting for, each game only takes 5-Minutes. 


  • 1 Double Sided Hero Mat
  • 42 Shaman/Druid Cards
  • 30 Curse Cards
  • 10 Hero Cards
  • 6 Artifact Cards
  • 2 Challenge Cards

5 Minute Dungeon - Curses Foiled Again

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